Car Care Advice


Car care tips to ensure your car is in top condition

Repco Car Service wants to help you care for your car. Take care of your car now and it will retain value. Below you will find a range of facts, car care tips and advice to help you maintain your car;

Repco Auto Facts Videos

Car care tips from a trusted professional mechanic

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Car Maintenance & Repair

Car repair and maintenance advice from our highly trained mechanics. Keep your car in top condition.

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Car Safety Tips

Car Safety Tips about how to keep yourself and others safe when on the road.

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Risks of Delayed Servicing

It’s a common temptation to extend the time between services on the car in an attempt to save money. This is a false economy that can wind up costing you hundreds even thousands of dollars.

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Car Economy

Keep your on cars on-road costs down by following some simple methods.

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Holiday Motoring

The Motoring Holiday is one of our great Australian traditions.

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Car Care and Cleaning

Car care and cleaning advice for those annoying stains and spills and more ideas on keeping your car in great condition.

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Auto Mechanic Tips Overview

Expert auto mechanic tips from Repco Car Service.

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Add Your Best Tip

Have you got a handy motoring tip you would like to share with others?

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Motoring About

The Repco Authorised Service blog is a great source of information for more safer, economical and knowledgeable drivers.

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Child Car Seat Laws

These laws have been created to increase child safety while doing what’s necessary to try and reduce the number of children that are killed or injured in car crashes.

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Car Servicing Costs

How to maintain your car servicing costs.

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Fixed Price Car Service

Every Repco Car Service comes with a Free 65 Point Vehicle Report and a Nationwide Warranty on Parts and Labour. Book Online Today.

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